Herb Your Enthusiasm: 11 Best DIY Kitchen Herb Gardens

11 DIY Kitchen Herb Gardens

Herbs are an essential part of any kitchen, and having a DIY Kitchen Herb Garden will save you lots of money over time. How many times have you had to rush to the store, or forgo a recipe because you did not have an essential herb? Planting your own kitchen gardens is a convenient method to everyone. Take a look at these 11 DIY Kitchen Herb Garden ideas to see how you can get your own herb garden started in just an afternoon or so

  • 1. Rosemary Window Box
DIY Kitchen Herb Garden

While it is possible to grow a rosemary plant indoors, it is more likely to survive if you place it in a sunny windowsill. For easy access, try planting one of these attractive and easy-to-maintain rosemary window boxes

  • 2. Tumbled Glass Planter

Use tumbled glass to make your own unique planter for your favorite herbs. The best part about using glass as a planter is that it can be placed on any surface without worrying about damaging it or leaving residue behind. If you’re worried about getting dirt on your furniture, try placing your glass herb garden on top of a thick piece of cardboard or plywood instead

  • 3. Herbs on a Hanger

The least expensive way to grow a DIY Kitchen Herb Garden is by planting them directly into your yard. If you don’t have a green thumb, though, or even if you do, plant them on a trellis or in a hanging basket that sits on your porch. You can grow more of your favorite herb with fewer trips to harvest because they won’t take up as much space in your kitchen. It also makes it easier to keep an eye on plants that need extra care. Again, these hangers are beautiful, and they give your kitchen yard an mazing look.

  • 4. Bamboo Herb Stand

Keep your herbs in check with a bamboo stand. It’s great for their self-watering design, and they look pretty cool on your countertop. The sizes of these stands vary, and should be determined by the sizes of your kitchen yard. The main idea is to ensure that it can contain many herb containers, but at the same time it should not be too big, as it will take much space.

  • 5. Simple Edible Table

It’s low-maintenance and you can harvest fresh herbs for your recipes every time you need them! To make a DIY Kitchen Herb Garden, just collect some empty wine or liquor bottles, drill a few holes in them, then bury them in your yard with only their tops exposed. Herbs are shallow-rooted, so you don’t have to dig deep or do any major landscaping to make a small herb garden. The best part is that you can reuse those bottles over and over—just fill up new herbs each season.

  • 6. Vertical Gardening with Mason Jars

While we’re not typically big fans of mason jars, we love them for creating vertical gardens. This idea will require you to be a bit crafty, but it’s easy to do if you have strong determination and trust in your organization skills. The end result is worth it! It is advisable to hang the mason jars herb garden in a sunny location. When planting, start by putting pebbles on the base of mason jars, then fill the rest with well manured soil. Tuck the herb in the soil, and ensure to water regularly for best results.

  • 7. DIY Potting Bench with Built-in Spacing Guide

With most raised beds, you’ll need to place your herbs at precise intervals for optimal growing. To make sure you don’t go too close or too far away with your seedlings, build a potting bench with a spacing guide on top. The wood and cork structure is simple enough for even beginning woodworkers, yet sturdy enough to support years of gardening. With a little lumber, screws and dowels—plus time and elbow grease—you can have an awesome potting bench in no time.

  • 8. Rope Plant Stand Planter

If you’re crafty, you can actually build your own rope plant stand, which is probably cheaper than buying one already made. However, if you don’t have crafting skills or just want an easy project that requires little investment of time and money (you can buy all of these materials for less than $30), consider picking up a kit at Hobby Lobby or Amazon.

  • 9. PVC Pipe Growing Station (AeroGarden)

Cut a length of PVC pipe (1/2-inch to 1 inch) and glue it together. Drill three holes on one end. Fill with potting soil and plant herbs in pots placed inside. Water from top through holes when needed. To add more plants, just cut another piece of pipe and stick it onto first. This is the most common and preferable option to many people, as the pipes are locally available for cheap prices, and they can hold many plants

  • 10. Wall Mounted Birdhouse Planter

Why should your plants get all of your love? Bird lovers, never fear; we’ve got a simple solution. This wall-mounted birdhouse planter is an easy way to incorporate greenery and garden veggies into your indoor decor while also giving our feathered friends a cozy home and beautiful view. Check out these great instructions on how to make one! It is an excellent idea for kitchen herbs too, but ensure that they are protected from the birds.

  • 11. Kitchen Tea Pots, and Mug Garden

When I say kitchen gardening doesn’t need to be expensive, this is exactly what I mean. When you look in your kitchen shelves, you will likely come across old mugs, some which have been worn out, and others chipped. Instead of throwing these away, they can be great ideas for planting the herbs. You only need to fill them with manured soil, and ensure they get enough water to sustain the herb. These can be great for planting Rosemary and Thymes.

Please take note that some herbs take a while to grow and mature, while others pick up fast. Depending on the particular herb, it is good to go for a method that will sustain its growth, and ensure optimum results. Have fun in making your DIY Kitchen Herb Gardens, and let me know how it goes on the comments section below!

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